BLITZ LATIN As a Teaching Aid

NEW (version 1.65+): Easy Latin mode - selects the most common Latin words from any range of alternatives. Recognises the words most likely to be encountered in teaching exercises.

Selection of any Latin word enables its grammatical elements to be seen on screen.

"Detail mode" during translation shows which alternatives have been selected and which rejected.

The hardest problem with Latin translation is trying to identify the subject and verb of a sentence. All books on Latin grammar state that this is the key to unravelling Latin sentences. Test pre-selected easy and difficult Latin phrases with Blitz Latin. Were the translations right? If so, how did Blitz Latin do it? Were they wrong? If so, why did Blitz Latin fail?

Blitz Latin is so fast that you get instant feedback for these and related problems.

Computerised teaching tool brings Latin into the 21st Century - stimulates pupils' interest.

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