WORDS - Version 1.97 for Linux/FreeBSD (i386)

William Whitaker

This page provides instructions for downloading the WORDS Latin-to-English dictionary program for the PC running Linux.

The same program may also run under FreeBSD 3.2 with the adjustments cited below. Note while initially the library changes in FreeBSD 3.4 gave trouble, the program now runs without problem under FreeBDC-3.4-STABLE and FreeBSD 4.0 and 4.1.

There is now also a native FreeBSD. (see below)

Downloading the WORDS Program

There is a file at the Thomas Aquinas FTP site words-1.97Ed-linux.tar.gz (2.9MB), that the viewer can FTP or download as a binary file if his browser allows.

A short README file comes with the download with more detailed installation/execution instructions. You are encouraged to read this here on-line before downloading.

This version was produced by Brian Dragoo of Thomas Aquinas College in California. It was compiled on RedHat Linux (i386) to run as a console program (keyboard entry). It runs like a DOS program, line-oriented, without fancy GUI.

The .tar.gz file, uncompressed on your machine, will produce about 20MB of program and data files (and then may be discarded). The main program created is words. Run that to do Latin-to-English word translations. Given an input of amo, the output looks like this:

am.at            V      1 1 PRES ACTIVE  IND 3 S X       
amo, amare, amavi, amatus    V
love, like; fall in love with; be fond of; have a tendency to

This WORDS version also does Enhglish-to-Latin.

The file WORDSDOC.TXT provides some documentation, and there is included an HTML version, which is also accessible directly on the present site as WORDSDOC.HTM. This is stand-alone, it is not callable from the WORDS program.

WORDS for Linux runs any Linux distribution.

There is also a small shell script that takes care of a slight problem in executing the program. words must be run from the directory with the supporting files. So the shell script simply changes directories to the words directory, executes words, then changes back to the previous directory after words has exited. See the README for further details.

Running LINUX code under FreeBSD

The Linux code should run under FreeBSD, or try the native Free BSD below. The only modification for the Linux code is is how one can setup Linux mode on a FreeBSD machine. This will work with FreeBSD-3.2 and FreeBSD-3.4-STABLE.

1) Install linux_lib-2.6.1 in /usr/ports/emulators/linux_lib : make install

2) Edit /etc/rc.conf line: linux_enable=YES
Matt Heckaman reports that it runs great on FreeBSD 4.0 and 4.1 with linux_base-6.1 port installed (/usr/ports/emulators/linux_base).

Native FreeBSD

There is also a native FreeBSD version, download as
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