WORDS - Version 1.97 for the Mac OS X

William Whitaker

This page provides instructions for downloading the WORDS Latin-to-English dictionary program for Mac OS X.

WORDS is a text/console program and has previously not been available for the Mac. The UNIX-based Mac OS X allows an easy port of the Ada code.

A graphical interface is now included in the WORDS for Mac OS X package.


A .sit file containing the installer is located at words-1.97.sit


The installer package will place WORDS in your Applications folder.


For each word entered, the program identifies all the possible interpretations of the word, then, for each interpretation, makes an analysis of the word (part of speech, declension, conjugation, case, tense, voice, etc.) and gives the usual meaning of the root form. As an example, given the word "amas," Words produces the following output:

am.as N 1 1 ACC P F
ama, amae N F
lesser bucket; water bucket; (esp. fireman's bucket);

am.as V 1 1 PRES ACTIVE IND 2 S
amo, amare, amavi, amatus V
love, like; fall in love with; be fond of; have a tendency to;

This shows that "amas" can be interpreted in two different ways:
1. as a noun (ama=bucket; first declension; feminine accusative plural;
stem "am", ending "as"; principal parts ama, amae),


2. as a verb (amare=to love; first conjugation; second-person singular
present active indicative; stem "am", ending "as";
principal parts amo, amare, amavi, amatus).

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