WORDS - Version 1.97FC

William Whitaker

This is a mirror of William Whitaker’s original web-site, which is now defunct. It is mirrored here so that it may remain readily accessible to all users. Whitaker himself declared that he wished his Latin electronic dictionary to be in the public domain, accessible to all. His contact e-mail address given in this mirror web-site no longer functions.

Whitaker died in December 2010, and therefore any new additions to the electronic dictionary (dictline.gen) must be provided by users. Coverage of Latin words beginning with letters ‘A’ - ‘D’ is outstandingly good for classical Latin; a little less comprehensive (but still very good) for those classical Latin words occurring later in the alphabet.

The Blitz Latin machine-translator for Latin to English, a commercial product established with Whitaker’s backing, was based on Whitaker’s Words, but now has a significantly larger vocabulary (76,500 words, compared with Whitaker's 39,000).

The original program was written with an ADA compiler, a computer programming language of which I have no knowledge. Therefore, I am unable to support Whitaker’s Words program. I’ve made a few corrections to his ‘dictline.gen’ master file.

John White.

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