WORDS - Other Files

William Whitaker

Additional Data and Presentations from the WORDS Effort


DICTPAGE is a simple listing or wordlist of the Latin dictionary used by the WORDS program, a presentation comparable to a basic paper dictionary. This page is set up in HTML to be read by any browser. The presentation is especially for those unable to run the full WORDS program.

This is deliberately a large (4 MB) monolithic file, rather than one broken into pieces for easy access over the net. While it certainly can be used on-line to look up a single word, it is expected that the user will want to download the entire file for continuing use on his machine.

A clean and simple version (1 MB) of the data in this file, suitable for processing for various purposes, is given in ZIP form in dictpage.zip.

LISTALL is a simple zipped listing of all Latin words that can be generated with the dictionary and inflections. It is alphabetical, one copy of each unique form. This file was produced following several requests by people who wanted this to use in conventional spellcheckers.

This is a bare bones capability since it does not include the possibility of word formation with prefixes, suffixes, and tricks. It does not of itself even recognize the -que enclitic which can be added to most any Latin word. The preferred WORDS method of spellchecking is to run WORDS and check the UNKNOWNS, the logical equivalant of conventional spellchecking, but much more powerful.

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